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We are all feeling anxiety and stress around COVID-19

This has been such a peculiar time for us all. I can say that my own body has felt the stress and tension at times with all the uncertainty around since late last year. Australia has had one crisis after the other with flooding, bush fires and now COVID-19.

With any crisis comes fear. Fear feeds panic. Panic feeds panic. This is a natural survival response for all of us. We don't yet know what will happen this week or next and are preparing for a potential lockdown like so many other countries. The current social distancing, the sensationalism in the media, the fear on a global scale is impacting us all.

So we have to "think outside the box".

We have to keep it real and stay with the facts. We need to be clear on how we can help ourselves and each other by making conscious decisions on how to limit feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. Staying hydrated, eating well and physical movement are things we can all be doing.

Are you or someone you know feeling anxious, depressed, stressed or having relationship concerns? Then consider "thinking outside the box" by accessing services online. Up to 40% of my week is spent online delivering counselling and psychotherapy to all ages. As a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, online counselling allows me to reach clients across the globe. I provide clients flexibility whilst retaining the visual element of face to face counselling and psychotherapy with all the benefits of traditional therapy. This is one way people can continue to be supported whilst this crisis continues.

You can contact me by visiting and clicking on the "contact" button.

In the meantime, stay safe, Rebeccah

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