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Benefits of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Rebeccah Evans Counselling & Psychotherapy is a Sunshine Coast -based practice that offers holistic counselling and psychotherapy to adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. I provide therapy to people of all ages, genders and gender expressions, sexualities, and cultural backgrounds.Counselling and psychotherapy is a personal and safe process that can involve talking about what is present for you, working together to unpack, explore and understand your concerns, providing strategies and tools to work towards mental and emotional wellness. Through therapy, you can learn skills and build inner resources that you will be able to take away with you and use for the rest of your life.

Counselling can also involve various other ways of communicating if you do not feel comfortable talking, such as expressive therapies (for example, art or play) and mindfulness. We will decide together which approach would feel most comfortable and work best for you.


Counselling and 


How can Counselling & Psychotherapy help?

A Psychotherapist is a highly trained professional and engages a person or group in a process of working together to build understanding and acceptance of how the person makes meaning of their life. Together we can create life giving solutions to problems past and present.


I won’t advise you, instead help you to find your own way of making sense of things and will accompany you on your own very unique journey towards living your life more fully. I offer a confidential service in comfortable and discreet locations including online providing short and long term, face to face, telephone and Skype counselling and psychotherapy and will personally tailor sessions to the needs of each individuals, couples or Groups. I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments

Rebeccah Evans Counselling & Psychotherapy provides individual counselling to adults, adolescents and children with no GP referral required for a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Abuse,

  • Addictions,

  • Affairs,

  • Anger Management,

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks,

  • Attachments,

  • Bullying,

  • Bereavement,

  • Change,

  • Confidence,

  • Communication Difficulties,

  • Cultural Issues,

  • Depression,

  • Dilemmas,

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Violence

  • Grief

  • Identity


  • Impact of Step-Families,

  • Life Transitions,

  • Loss,

  • Parenting,

  • Personal Development,

  • Relationship Issues,

  • Retirement,

  • Self-Confidence,

  • Self-Esteem,

  • Self-Harm,

  • Separation or Endings,

  • Sexuality,

  • Sexual Abuse,

  • Social and Behavioural concerns in children and Adolescents,

  • Stress, Trauma, Trust,

  • Work Related Issues

My Approach
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