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Benefits of Online Counselling 

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has created uncertainty with the way we live our lives. Uncertainty for many, can manifest itself as anxiety. Counselling and Psychotherapy is a powerful tool for managing our mental health and social distancing does not have to restrict taking care of ourselves.  Online counselling is the same process as in-person therapy. Instead of talking in the same room, you engage in the therapeutic process using your computer, tablet or phone. Using the internet for counselling and psychotherapy is a great use of modern technology and the internet whilst offering significant benefits of flexibility. Counselling and psychotherapy delivered online is fast becoming an internationally accepted alternative to face to face therapy and makes it easy for you to engage in counselling no matter where you live in the world.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, online counselling allows me to reach clients across the globe unconstrained by international borders. I hold regular appointments with clients across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East providing clients flexibility whilst retaining the visual element of face to face counselling and psychotherapy. Online counselling is convenient and an alternative to face-to-face sessions, with all the benefits of traditional therapy. Clients can often feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment.

Online Counselling

How can online counselling help?

Substituting the therapist's couch for the comfort of your own environment is now possible by accessing therapy via online counselling.

Benefits of online counselling:

  • Find a therapist to suit your individual need.

  • The convenience to access therapy from comfort of your own home

  • No commute or  travel time

  • No geographic restrictions

  • Ideal for clients who travel or are away on business.

  • Ideal for Fly In Fly Out (FIFO)

  • Ideal for clients who have busy lifestyles, ill health or are housebound.

  • Ideal for clients who have difficulties with childcare arrangements

  • Conveniently accessible from anywhere in the world

Online counselling Who?


  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Children

  • Remote Workers (FIFO)

  • Parents

  • Carers

  • Isolated locations

Online counselling Why?


  • Isolation & Loneliness

  • Anxiety, Depression & Stress

  • Feelings of Mistrust & Insecurity

  • Difficulties with relationships

  • Mood swings

  • Fatigue

  • A sense of not 'belonging'

My Approach
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