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Are you OK with the return to School/ Homeschooling/Unschooling alongside working to make an income?

Most of the world has returned to school this week in some way or another and I'm hearing more people speak up about their struggle to educate their kids alongside working. I am in this too - having to allocate specific times, reschedule the working day and being responsible for educating 2 boys, one primary level and one secondary level whilst simultaneously not going stir crazy. Although I have a husband that could help, I find the saying "too many cooks" coming into play, and yes it could be my need to control my time showing itself by not wanting him (the husband) to get involved!

I have strong viewpoints with regards to eduction/ schooling and am increasingly finding myself having to reset my train of thought. I truly believe any person will learn when the item they need to learn becomes important to them, when it has a real valued sense of purpose. (For some the purpose will be to please mum and dad, for others it may be to immerse themselves into a world that is not their reality and for others it may be the pure excitement of needing to know more that attracts them to elicit further information).

Are you OK?

Have you taken time to ask yourself "Am I OK?"

I have found myself asking myself regularly - a type of checking in with myself. It works! It helps me to reset my thoughts about what I can and cannot control. Since self isolation and then returning to "schooling", I have been coping a number of ways:

Firstly - Deep Breaths. What a difference three or five deep breaths can make to reset our thoughts. Give it a go now

Breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds.

Hold that breath for 2 seconds.

Now breathe out through your mouth for 3 seconds.

Repeat it 3, 5, or even 10 times. It's better with your eyes closed. You could try it with your family.

The second thing is music - I have been plugging myself into music, one song at a time. This works for me and the family when I use headphones (no arguing over choice of song). I sit or stand, eyes closed and listen to the words and beat/rhythm to the end of the song and find I have reset myself. Charged myself with enough energy to get on with the next thing. It's powerful how short interventions work. Plus you can reset as often as you need to.

Thirdly, I have fallen back in love with moving my body - running, jogging, power walking- whatever it is just moving. I can tell that I have moved my body, how far I have been and been able to get out into nature on my own! (without children or dogs!)

These 3 things alone have helped me to reset my thoughts and organise myself in a way that I can show up balanced for my family.

Are your family OK?

I hear mixed feedback from families about the corona-crisis. For some, it has magnified stress and conflict. For others, it has calmed things down, slowed and simplified the schedule, and made life better.

I'm offering individual appointments for those of you that are struggling with the disruption and chaos at home. I have allocated additional spaces for next week to speak with you. These are limited spaces available so contact me now to book your slot.

Contact me at or call or text me on 0404811761


My views around schooling from home are that it does not need to take all day or even be stressful. A few hours for primary aged children and "chunks" of time for teenagers (morning chunk - long break- afternoon chunk - finish)

Parents of children I've spoken to are inundated with school work, sent from school and it's creating overwhelm and stress. This is not healthy for anyone.

We have to stop.

We have to take a breath

We have to lower our expectations

We have to stay with the FACTS: Forcing = Resistance

We have to know that it will be OK.

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