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My Approach
Fees & Payment

All fees are inclusive of GST

International fees may vary please contact me for further information.

Please note: Due to increasing overhead costs, the following fees will apply from the 1st August 2023:

Individual 50 min: $170.00

Relationship 60 min: $250.00

Families and groups 60 min: 260.00

Please be assured that I have made every effort to keep this increase to a minimum and keep Counselling and Psychotherapy accessible to all. 

Fees, Payment
and Terms


I offer a confidential service and this is discussed with you during your initial appointment. Under normal circumstances, nothing you say goes beyond the counselling room unless you want it to. I believe this offers a basis for the trust between us that is necessary if you are to feel that it is safe to talk about very private and sensitive aspects of your life. In exceptional circumstances, I may pass on information with or without your agreement. Such circumstances arise very rarely and would be those in which I became concerned that you or someone else may be at serious risk, if information is not disclosed. 

Your personal information and data is important to me and all data is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy Act 1988. My privacy policy can be viewed from the home page.


As a Clinical Registrant of PACFA and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) it is a requirement that I receive regular clinical supervision. This enables me to maintain the quality of my work. Great care is taken to not identify you. I keep short session notes for each counselling session and these are kept separate from any personal details so that your identity cannot be revealed. Information is kept within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998.




GP Referral not Required

All information is strictly confidential and information is not included within your Medical Record

EAP, Insurance and Healthcare Providers

Counselling for eligible policy holders. Please check with your Employment Assisted Programme or insurance provider to see if you are eligible for accessing some sessions through your policy.

Private Health Rebates for Counselling and Psychotherapy may be applied. Please check with your provider.


If you are late for an appointment whether online or in person, no extra time can be given as appointments are allocated and scheduled in for each person. The full fee will be charged. If less than 48 hours notice is given, then the full fee agreed will be charged.

Online sessions are to be paid for in advance to secure each 

appointment. To secure your booking please complete secure payment through the link above.

Accepted payment methods are: Cash, Eftpos, Bank Transfer or Online Portal.

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