Strategy and support can help your New Year's resolution succeed

Exercising more, losing weight, eating more healthily are the three most common New Year’s resolutions, according to a ComRes Poll in 2015.

But whether it is giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol or saving money, people embarking on New Year’s resolutions might need a strategy and support – including therapy – help to reach their goal.

New Year is a date in the diary which helps us focus on long term life improvements, It is also a date after a festive season where it is often not frowned upon to overindulge. People have one last fling with the things they want to stop because in the New Year it will all change. It’s a nice excuse.

Resolutions are at the top of the mind for many people. It’s being talked about and written about and, because we are not on our own, it can make it easier.

But for it to work people need to take time to understand what is involved. And they need patience, because lifestyle changes don’t just happen.

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The ComRes survey found that a quarter of all UK adults made a New Year’s resolution, but fewer than one in eight successfully kept one.

The most common reasons for giving up or not achieving a resol