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Back to School: Badly Behaved Kids

Today many young people are struggling with:

sensory overload, over stimulation, technological explosion - especially hand held devices, distraction, rampant consumerism, stress, anxiety and fear, global uncertainty, increased accessed violence – internet, video games and the media, lower emotional literacy, constant change, poor nutrition, contaminated environments, fast-paced living with a tendency to strive for perfection, parental expectations, over scheduled childhoods, less free active play with others, family disconnection and dislocation, increased ‘schoolification’ of early years – pressure for too much too soon.

Young people who demonstrate poor behaviour that is disrespectful, disruptive and inappropriate do so for so many reasons. It's a form of communication. After all we all need to feel heard. By trying to understand what's actually being communicated is by no means condoning certain behaviour. What it does do, is provide us with choices as adults, in how to respond. As a parent myself, I have and still do on times fuel anger, frustration and the sense of alienation. Simply punishing them for behaving badly, rather than exploring what is behind the behaviour and helping them make better choices, will have limited success.

Stress and anxiety can be high for these young people and they have a really short fuse that is activated really easily. When we add into the mix, the challenges of adolescence with huge physical, hormonal, brain and emotional changes – it can be viewed that much poor behaviour is, more often than not, a stress response.

Maybe you are, or know of a young person who is struggling with their behaviour on the Sunshine Coast? Whether you're struggling with defiant behavior or needing support establishing boundaries, needing someone to listen when you're overwhelmed or wanting a space for your young person to explore and understand their behaviour and what impact it has, then please make contact with me on 0404 811 761 or email me at For further information on how I can help please visit

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