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  • Do I have to have a major problem to be counselled? 

       No, not at all. You can come to counselling for all sorts of reasons.        

       Anyone can find it difficult to cope at times and may feel      

       overwhelmed. Counselling can help alleviate anxieties and concerns

       affecting your day to day life. 


  • How much do I have to pay? 

      Please refer to my fees & terms page.


  • What is Couples / Relationship Counselling? 

       This is an opportunity for two people to explore their relationship with

       each other. This can include siblings, same sex couples and so on. 


  • How long is a counselling session? 

       Each counselling session is 50 minutes long. For couples, these sessions  

       are 80 minutes long. (Minimum of 6 sessions for individual /couples are    





Frequently Asked Questions

" The client comes to appreciate others for what they are, just as he has come to appreciate himself for what he is"  

Rogers (1964)

  • How do I decide if I need short term counselling or long term counselling?

      This is your choice entirely and a result of what you feel will work for    

       you. This will be discussed in your first session and can be reviewed at

       any stage.


  • What happens if I am late or unable to keep an appointment?                 

       If you are late for an appointment, no extra time can be given as

       appointments are allocated and scheduled in for each person. The full

       fee will be charged. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for

       cancellation of appointments and will incur a standard charge of half

       the agreed rate. If less than 24 hours notice is not given then the full fee

       agreed will be charged.


  • Can I contact you outside of the booked sessions?

      Ordinarily 'No'. Contact outside of sessions is strictly for cancelling or  

       rebooking sessions


  • When can I come?                                                                            

       Daytime, weekend and evening appointments are available.