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I offer a confidential service and this is discussed with you during your first session.


Under normal circumstances, nothing you say goes beyond the counselling room unless you want it to. I believe this offers a basis for the trust between us that is necessary if you are to feel that it is safe to talk about very private and sensitive aspects of your life. In exceptional circumstances, I may pass on information with or without your agreement. Such circumstances arise very rarely and would be those in which I became concerned that you or someone else may be at serious risk, if information is not disclosed.


As a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), it is a requirement that I receive regular clinical supervision. This enables me to maintain the quality of my work.


Great care is taken to not identify you. I keep short session notes for each counselling session and these are kept separate from any personal details so that your identity cannot be revealed. Information is kept within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Sessions times are organised so that there is sufficient time for entering and leaving the counselling premises without being seen by other clients.


If you are accompanied to the premises there is no designated waiting area for relatives and friends in my Buderim Clinic, hence requesting that you arrive on time.

 "This feeling of safety requires a strong understanding that what goes on in therapy be strictly between therapist and patient"

Holmes and Lindley (1991)